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If you’re interested in all things running, yoga, and triathlon, peppered with some nutrition, inspiring and motivating health and wellness lifestyle stories, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find race reports, fitness reviews, real stories by real people on their path to health, a community of other runners/yogis, my yoga class teaching and running/racing schedule, and information to keep you in the know of the work that I do to make yoga accessible for athletes by bridging the gap between the road and the mat to keep you in your runners and healthy in your bodies for years to come.

Through ChatterRunGirl, I want to create a community that inspires people to believe in the impossible and achieve their biggest aspirations. I want us to create a virtual space where we inspire each other when we doubt ourselves, re-define how and why we train and do what we do, celebrate our milestones and elevate each other every step of the way – whatever our journey is.

See you on the pavement, the trails, or on the mat soon.


Fall News

The last few months have not only flown by but have also had so much new-ness packed into them that it feels like I’ve been living in LA for years. Four months in though, and I’m happy to report that I have found myself again, and I am recognizing when I can be less hard on myself during change and where exactly I need to invest my energy to move into a place of continued grounding. This whole time, trust has been the constant that’s allowed me to look around me and recognize that I’m exactly where I should be. I thank all who reached out during this transition – from a thinking of you “like” here to a perfectly timed sweaty hug there – it was all appreciated.


Highlights of my summer have been two fold. On the yoga front, it has included getting back to my mat in a consistent way – both in meditation and in asana practice. I’m no longer scared to meet myself with where I am and I dive in deeper in the instances where fight or flight want to pull me out. I’ve also made room to teach more, and more consistently. Creating this space has allowed me to be more curious about who I am as a teacher, how it shapes me, and what I have to learn and I’m so humbled by and grateful for the process.

On the running front, I have seen highs and lows. My body and mind are not at their peak as they are adjusting to a new environment, routine, and life. The energy invested in trying to land did not leave enough gas in the tank for me to connect mentally to my training. And as guilt began to be harvested, frustration grew like a weed. After some good, open dialogue with my coach, who I am lucky to work with, we changed courses. No rigid training plan. No A races. No time goals. Focus on finding the love for it all again.


And the love I am finding. I found it at Seawheeze, where, once again I got to pace half marathoners towards accomplishing major goals while reconnecting with inspiring ambassadors from all over the world. I found it at Modo Yoga LA, which has welcomed me with open arms into an instant family. And, more unexpectedly and in the most heart-bursting way, I have found it with my new tribe at November Project. The months of cocooning, turning inward and being anonymous did not translate into me being the best version of myself – the one that wants to be all in. The one that wants to explore what I can accomplish even when I think I can’t. The one that cheerleads and elevates others to do the same. November Project has given me exactly that and has been the connection point I so needed to feel like myself again.

As for what’s coming up this fall – well, let’s start with the Chicago Marathon in just over a week. Third time back for this world major, second time to run it and this time to soak it all in. Other races on the roster this season are all with that goal in mind: to enjoy myself. So that’s what I’ll do at the Wipeout Run in Orange County, at the Rock n’ Roll in Vegas, and at my first ever trail race (which reminds me, I should *probably* start training on them!) doing a marathon relay for the North Face Endurance Challenge near San Fransisco. I’m going to call it the season of FUN, and of finding my feet again – figuratively and literally, so I can be mentally and physically strong as I start training up for Boston 2016. Oh, yah, Boston. Did I forget to mention that that’s happening?! I was officially accepted, which means that I will be running the Boston effin’ marathon.


Lastly, we’re slowly plugging away at changes on the website and peppering out new video content. I hope you’re enjoying the Motivation Monday blogs – they’re certainly inspiring ME! – and that they’re making you think about what your WHYs are in all that you set out to accomplish, in how you live life. Stay tuned for more, and send over some feedback or comments if you have something you’d like to share.

Keep on being an amazing community that believes that the impossible is possible and that inspires each other. See you on the road and on the mat,


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