A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu


If you’re interested in all things running, yoga, and triathlon, peppered with some CrossFit, nutrition, inspiring and motivating health and wellness lifestyle stories, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find race reports, fitness reviews, real stories by real people on their path to health, a community of other runners/yogis, my yoga class teaching and running/racing schedule, and information to keep you in the know of the work that I do to make yoga accessible for athletes by bridging the gap between the road and the mat to keep you in your sport and healthy in your bodies for years to come.

Through ChatterRunGirl, I want to create a community that inspires people to believe in the impossible and achieve their biggest aspirations. I want us to create a virtual space where we inspire each other when we doubt ourselves, re-define how and why we train and do what we do, celebrate our milestones and elevate each other every step of the way – whatever our journey is.

See you on the pavement, the trails, or on the mat soon.


Winter News

I suppose absence makes the heart grow fonder right?… It’s been a while. I didn’t realize I’ve missed the typing and the thinking. So, hi. How have YOU been? It’s nice to see you again.

It’s been a minute since I last wrote an update. Putting writing and this blog on the backburner was tough at first – I wanted to but it was pressure filled. I felt guilt. I carried it on my to do list. Then I surrendered. Let it go for other things that need to be prioritized in my life right now. Not making that a wrong, knowing I’d be back. And in all of that came the love for it again. The wanting to reach out. The wanting to share. So while a lot of those other priorities are still here and front and centre, I wanted to jot down a few words of thanks – for being my and each other’s community, for supporting and inspiring me, and for allowing me to step away and come back refreshed – and to update you on what’s been going on!

So in no order of importance, but all equally exciting, life changing, humbling, and full of learning – since I last wrote, I:

  • ran a few races here and there, none of them for time, which included this little one named theIMG_5418 Boston Marathon (cue tears).
  • I invited new friends into my life, said ‘see you again soon’ to others, had tons of visitors in LA, and visited many in different places too.
  • I found my seat in meditation and through breath and slowing down, addressed some health issues that had come up.
  • I gained weight and I lost weight, and was ok with that through the process.
  • I made LA my home and truly landed here.IMG_2948
  • I mended my heart and adopted a rescue named Barney (cue tears again).
  • My yoga studio path limbo’ed, changed and landed in the best of ways with two new homes that will open their doors in LA in 2017 (cue holy crap).IMG_3308
  • I took my first cruise and visited a new country.
  • I got to pace Seawheeze again which made me realize how much it fills me up to see people reach their goals.
  • I discovered CrossFit and found new skills, new strength, and a new community.
  • I went to the desert and sent my dreams into the sky (cue tears yet again, and add the Rise Festival to your bucket list, stat!)
  • I’m planning and am about to host my first retreat in Ojai with a dear friend (we still have 4 spots if you’re interested gang! Hit us up!).

and last but not least,

  • I grew a lot, as a teacher, as a person, and was supported as I fell and picked myself back up.

So it goes without saying that I’m GRATEFUL AF for the past year. For those who grant me their time, and for those I get to grant my time. Gratitude has been my medicine and every day, I’m glad to be living my 100% life. Truly. Some days I’m tired. Some days I’m lonely. Some days I’m sad. But all days I’m grateful. So thanks for your ear, your likes from near and far, for reaching out with little love notes, for letting me know you’re there no matter where you are, and today, for reading. I’ll be stopping by again soon. Promise.

Until then, don’t be a stranger. From the road, or the mat, or wherever we may cross paths, connect soon.




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